Doctrinal Evaluation:

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Covenant Meal with Christ.  NEW
Added: 2021-06-03 @ 16:50:04

This study focused on the essence and purpose of the “holy communion” against the backdrop of ancient Israel’s customs and traditions. These were compared to the events during the last Passover meal of Jesus and His disciples, as well as His expectation regarding their future gatherings after His crucifixion.

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Verbondsmaal met Christus.  NUUT
Added: 2021-06-03 @ 16:51:07

In hierdie studie is gekyk na die wese en doel van die “nagmaal” teen die agtergrond van die betekenisse en gebruike van die antieke Israelitiese volk. Die gebeure tydens die laaste Pasgamaal van Jesus en Sy dissipels is daarteen vergelyk saam met Sy verwagting oor hul byeenkomste na Sy kruisiging.

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Added: 2013-06-17 @ 14:29:04

The ministers (and some elders) in church are commonly also called shepherds. But there is much more to the reality of being a shepherd in the congregation than most people realise.

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Bloed van Jesus.
Added: 2014-12-10 @ 11:22:52

Die Bloed van Jesus is die onderwerp van vele leringe en praktyke. Mense pleit die Bloed, besprinkel en gooi bloedstrepe voor deure. Wat leer die Bybel?

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Endtimes Notes.
Added: 2014-12-10 @ 11:47:12

End-times notes compiled for someone confronted in church to either accept the popular end-times teachings or relinquish his youth leadership position.

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Discipleship in biblical context.
Added: 2014-12-10 @ 11:59:31

Discipleship of Christ is commonly preached in church. Do believers always understand what it meant in and to the culture of Bible times?

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Blood of Jesus.
Added: 2014-12-10 @ 12:08:38

Christians are often taught practices & applications such as pleading the Blood of Jesus, sprinkling it and pouring bloodlines at doors. Is this biblical?

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Deity of Christ Jesus.
Added: 2014-12-10 @ 12:15:21

Many today inside and out of the church downplay the deity of Christ, making him a gifted but ordinary man. What is reality and what fiction?

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Rapture Doctrine Biblical.
Added: 2014-12-23 @ 15:04:17

Considering the Rapture doctrine, weighing it against the Scriptures and basic principles for evaluating doctrinal correctness.

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New Heavens and New Earth.
Added: 2015-02-03 @ 11:28:56

These two are very widely misunderstood eschatological concepts, because of error in the understanding of so many preachers, teachers and authors. The article tries to explain the true context of these concepts and why we understand them to be fulfilled.

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New Jerusalem.
Added: 2015-02-03 @ 11:31:56

Another eschatological concept that is very misunderstood. It takes on quite a different meaning if one carefully studies the Bible record without philosophising into the text what has not been written and keeping it within the understanding of the people to whom it was originally addressed.

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Great White Throne Judgment.
Added: 2015-05-08 @ 11:17:51

Revisiting a concept that has been presented over decades and longer in a way that created misperceptions and expectations among many Christians.

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Groot Wit Troon Oordeel.
Added: 2015-05-08 @ 11:18:52

'n Kykie na 'n konsep wat oor dekades en langer heen op 'n wyse aangebied is wat tot groot wanpersepsie en verwagtinge onder Christene gelei het.

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Melchizedek Not Really A Mystery.
Added: 2015-05-20 @ 18:05:40

Melchizedek is often used in sermons or teaching pertaining to tithes and offerings. This article provides perspective from ancient Hebraic cultural history.

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Melgisedek Geen Raaisel Nie.
Added: 2015-05-20 @ 18:10:32

Melchisédek word dikwels in prediking of lering gebruik met verwysing na tiendes en offergawes. Hierdie artikel verskaf perspektief vanuit die antieke Hebreeuse kultuurgeskiedenis.

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Bybelse Profesie Wat as alles reeds vervul is.
Added: 2015-08-31 @ 11:56:34

Wanneer die skrywer verduidelik dat hy verstaan die Bybelse profesieë as reeds vervulde gebeure, word dikwels gevra wat dan oorbly vir mense van vandag om na uit te sien as Jesus nie weer sal kom nie? Hierdie artikel verskaf die skrywer se antwoord, maar bespreek ook kortliks 'n aantal tersaaklike onderwerpe.

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Lion shall lie down with the lamb.
Added: 2015-11-23 @ 08:33:53

An interesting look at a popular 'biblical' concept that is found in many paintings and lyrics of Gospel songs. Sadly the concept is not found in the Bible.

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Sal die Leeu en die Lam regtig saaml.
Added: 2015-11-23 @ 08:37:11

'n Interessante kykie na 'n populêre wanopvatting en hoe dit deur Christelike liedere en kuns in mense se begrip gevestig is. Die konsep kom nie in die Bybel voor nie.

When the author states his understanding that all Bible prophecies had been fulfilled, he is often asked what then is left for people living today to look forward to if Jesus is not returning again? This article provides the author's answer and also briefly discusses some relevant topics as part of the matter

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Would you give your son a stone.
Added: 2016-07-06 @ 09:40:51

An interesting musing flowing from Matthew 7:9-11 where Jesus asks which man would give his son a stone when he is asked for bread. This short explanation sheds light on the actual situation in the Jewish home that Jesus based his teaching on.

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Dancing On The Streets Of Gold.
Added: 2016-08-15 @ 08:59:33

The article deals with the popular misconceptions about this imagery in the book of Revelation.

'n Kykie na twee Skrifgedeeltes uit Paulus se briewe aan die Korinthiërs en Timoteus wat aansienlike verwarring in die Christenomgewing veroorsaak. Dit beïnvloed onder meer besluitneming oor die toelating van vroue in leierskapsposisies in sommige denominasies.

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Should women remain silent in the gatherings.
Added: 2016-10-10 @ 09:03:33

A look at two problematic portions of Scripture from Paul's letters to the Corinthians and Timothy. These have led to much confusion in Christian circles and even caused hesitance in some denominations to accept women in leadership roles.

Some observations on contemporary church leadership issues with specific focus on the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11-12.

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Hell A Centuries Old False Teaching.
Added: 2017-04-18 @ 09:20:22

This articles examines the concept of the hell shedding it of the pollution by human religious traditions that developed especially during the middle ages. The BIble is the plumb-line and not the writings and traditions of men.

There are various interpretations of this Scripture portion clothed in philosophy that lead to error. It proves once again why the original context in correctly understanding what was written is not negotiable.

Basic Framework of Understanding:

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Die Bybel God se Woord.
Added: 2015-04-26 @ 13:24:21

Antwoord op 'n agnostikus se vraag of die skrywer die Bybel as God se woord beskou. Die artikel neem in ag dat jong mense vandag onder toenemende druk van die wêreld se antichrisgees kom om hul rug op die Bybel en Christenskap te draai. Daar word met realisme gekyk na die Bybel as die openbaring van God aan die mensdom.

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Added: 2015-11-30 @ 11:26:24

Ek word dikwels uitgevra oor my die inhoud van my geloof in Jesus Christus, ook deur groepe wat bekend is as Torahbehoudend of Heilige Naam Alleengroepe. In hierdie dokument beskryf ek kortliks wat ek glo volgens my verstaan van die Bybelinhoud.

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Statement of Faith.
Added: 2015-11-30 @ 11:33:47

I am often asked about the content of my faith in Christ Jesus, including from within groups who are known as Torah Observant or Sacred Name Only groups. In this document I provide a concise description of what I believe based on my understanding of the Bible content.

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Bible Gods Word.
Added: 2016-06-17 @ 15:55:08

Answer to an agnostic's question on whether the author regarded the Bible as God's word. The article bears in mind that young people today come under growing pressure of the worlds' antichrist spirit to turn their back on the Bible and the Christian faith. It reflects a realistic focus on the Bible as the revelation of God to humanity.

Bible Study Tools:

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Timeline of New Testament Books.
Added: 2013-06-17 @ 14:43:07

The Books of the New Testament do not appear in the historical sequence in which they had been written. Paul's letters, for example, appear from the longest (Romans) to the shortest (Philemon). We would often gain a better understanding of the biblical record if we considered the correct order of these books. This chart is an attempt to provide a concise illustration and aid in this regard.

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Bible Study Sheet.
Added: 2013-08-19 @ 16:44:15

A helpful sheet showing the basic aspects to look out for and answer in your Bible study.

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Added: 2013-08-19 @ 16:45:54

'n Belangrike hulpmiddel van die basiese aspekte om na te kyk en te beantwoord in u Bybelstudie.

Uncategorized :

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Biblical Hebrew Culture and Hebraic thought.
Added: 2014-11-23 @ 11:19:44

Brief overview of important characteristics of the Hebrew language and culture for clear Bible interpretation.

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Back to Basics.
Added: 2015-11-20 @ 08:36:19

Is it not ironic that when the achievements of a sports team declines, everybody seems to shout: Back to Basics!? But not so with knowledge of the biblical record - back to the basics never seems to be an option! Instead, we continue to be confronted by more and more spiritual philosophising, or by some long drawn out argumentation on whether or not to accept and adopt some religious-political confession. This article discusses the urgent need of the hour to return to biblical accuracy in our understanding.

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Terug na basiese dinge.
Added: 2015-11-24 @ 08:41:06

Is dit nie ironies nie, dat wanneer 'n sportspan se prestasies afneem, almal oënskynlik skreeu: Terug na die basiese dinge toe? Maar dit gebeur nie by kennis van die Bybelrekord nie - terug na die basiese dinge toe is skynbaar nooit 'n opsie nie! Ons word eerder deurgaans gekonfronteer met meer en meer geestelike filosofering of lang argumentasies om die een of ander godsdienstig-politieke belydenis te aanvaar. In hierdie artikel word die dringende noodsaaklikheid bespreek om terug te keer na absolute akkuraatheid in ons verstaan van die Bybel.

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Birth of Christ and Christmas Tradition.
Added: 2016-12-09 @ 14:27:51

Discerning Biblical facts complemented by historical and cultural context, as against human traditions. The articles concludes with the author's views on how to deal with the matter as a believer.

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Geboorte van Christus en Kersfeestradisie.
Added: 2016-12-10 @ 08:47:56

'n Kykie na die feite uit die Bybel en wanvoorstellings wat uit mense se tradisies ontstaan het. Die artikel sal rustigheid in u gemoed skep.

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Added: 2017-02-17 @ 07:52:18

Kort begrip van ons verstaan van die Bybel as vervulde boek van Genesis tot Openbaring, en openbaring van God aan die hedendaagse mens.

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Bible Framework Improvements.
Added: 2017-02-17 @ 18:00:23

Brief description of our understanding of the biblical record as a fulfilled book from Genesis to Revelation, revealing God to humanity living today.

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Christene en die Wet van Moses.
Added: 2017-02-17 @ 18:17:02

Torahbehoudende groepe meen Christene moet steeds die Wet van Moses onderhou. Ons kyk na 'n onderwerp wat dikwels twyfel in gelowiges se gemoed saai.

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Christians and the Law of Moses.
Added: 2017-02-17 @ 18:24:04

Torah Observant groups state that Christians should still observe the Law of Moses. We look into a subject that often sows confusion in the mind of believers.

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Die Hel Eeueoue Dwaalleer.
Added: 2017-04-18 @ 09:25:19

Hierdie artikel is 'n weerkyk na die helkonsep. Eeue se besoedeling deur mensgemaakte tradisies en geskrifte word blootgelê deur die Bybel as skietlood te gebruik in plaas van mensgemaakte bronne.

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The quest for forgiveness.
Added: 2018-06-05 @ 09:09:35

This article looks at the difficult concept of forgiveness and different levels that may apply.

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How Accurate Am I Reading The Bible Text.
Added: 2018-11-18 @ 07:40:08

Lately, the fact that we so often even err in our reading of the translations, has been turning around and around in my mind. This short article is the result and I only hope that it will stimulate every reader to focus anew on what the written word is really stating – and I am not referring to obvious twisting of Scripture portions.

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The Mamzer Topic of Deuteronomy 2323.
Added: 2018-12-30 @ 12:41:05

Many seminars and training courses on emotional healing, Biblical counselling, families, etc., include teachings addressing persons born out of wedlock based on Deut 23:3-4. Sadly, these teachings mostly (if not always) apply a wrong interpretation of this Scripture portion and in the process persons are wounded emotionally and spiritually, and unnecessarily so. The application of emotional and spiritual cotton wool afterwards does not undo the wounds. I have seen the hurt in such people, having been involved in seminars of thid kind. This article was written after thorough study and I believe presents the truth within the correct context of the time.

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Background of New Testament World and Culture.
Added: 2019-06-09 @ 06:56:29

Many misrepresentations of New Testament scriptures stem from ignoring the true context of the environment and culture in which the books and letters were wrtitten. The proper context for interpreting the Bible is the context of the biblical writers - the context that produced the Bible. Every other context is alien to the biblical writers and, therefore, to the Bible. This article sheds important light on cultural aspects of the time, including the problem of mixed religions.

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Nuwe Testament se Kultuuragtergrond en Wereld.
Added: 2019-06-09 @ 07:22:34

Talle wanuitlegte van Nuwe Testamentskrifte spruit voort uit die ignorering van die ware omgewing en kultuurkonteks waarbinne die boeke en briewe geskryf is. Die behoorlike konteks vir Bybelinterpretering is die konteks van die Bybelse skrywers - die konteks wat die Bybel voortgebring het. Enige ander konteks is vreemd aan die Bybelse skrywers en daarom aan die Bybel. Hierdie artikel werp belangrike lig op kulturele aspekte van daardie tyd, met inbegrip van die probleem van gemengde godsdienste.

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Four Women in the Genealogy by Matthew.
Added: 2019-08-03 @ 10:29:28

While Mary is a logical mention, the question is why these other four women were listed by Matthew and not any other maternal persons (e.g. Rebekah and Leah). He does not explain, but the fact is that they featured in prominent and specific ways in the history of Israel and which are linked to the Davidic and Messianic bloodline, ways that stretched beyond the traditional focus of marrying and bearing children.

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Timeline of NT Books.
Added: 2019-09-15 @ 11:28:26

The Books of the Bible are not included in the sequence of their writing. Interpretations can be negatively impacted by this. This timeline provides and important aid for Bible study in correct contexts.

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The Tabernacles of Moses and David.
Added: 2019-11-29 @ 08:06:27

The culmination of a study starting with the mamzer topic of Deut 23, aspects of illegitimacy of being regarded as a Jewish descendant, looking at fout women mentioned in the Messianic genealogy recorded by Matthew, and now considering the tabernacles of Moses and David in order to answer the question: Why did David erect a tent (tabernacle) for the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem instead of taking it to the tabernacle of Moses which was situated near to Jerusalem in Gibeon? Apart from providing that answer, the study also provided valuable insights into David's approach to God.

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Die Huis Van God.
Added: 2020-08-16 @ 13:17:42

'n Kykie na die gedagte dat die kerkgebou die huis van God is, 'n konsep waarmee gelowiges dikwels te doen kry.

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The House Of God.
Added: 2020-09-22 @ 09:13:51

An concise look at the concept of a church building being the house of God, something believers are constantly confronted with.